Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Refresh The Diary Compare Display

The diary compare tool was introduced some time ago, which is where GG will check it's diary against an external booking system (such as FreeToBook) and will display a list of discrpancies if any found.

The discrepancy display page has now been updated to include a "Refresh" button which will cause the diary compare to re-run against the external booking system.

This allows the system to be checked once the user is sure they have corrected all the problems.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Payment Processing Through Stripe.

Major enhancements have been made to the STRIPE payment system interface. This include:-

New Bookings Deposit or Full Amount

On a new booking, the options are now available to process the deposit or the whole amount.

Automatically Charge The Customer At Checkout

 It's now possible to charge the balance to the guests card registered at booking, from the show guest screen, using the Pay Balance button on the Booing details section.

On clicking the "Pay Balance" button you will be asked to confirm the charge before the payment is processed.

Refunds Processing

Any refunds processed through Stripe will now be automatically notified to Guest Guardian.

When a refund is issued the refund will appear in the "Booking" section of the guest display screen

A warning will also appear in the Todo list of the home page

 The refund will appear in the audit trail and the month end report, including the refund fee (see below).

Fee Tracking

All Stripe fee charges will now be tracked and will appear on the month end report.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

2 Major Enhancements

2 Major enhancements have been implemented into Guest Guardian, as follows.

1) External ICA Booking Engine Checker

Having multiple booking systems leaves businesses open to the danger of double booking. To help prevent this GG now has an ICA calendar checker which works like this.

Once a day GG will pull in ICA calendars from a specified booking engine and run a comparison of blocked rooms against its own diary. If a discrepancy is found a message will appear on the Todo List as shown. To ignore the discrepancies click "(REMINDER)" to remove the entry from the Todo List, if discrepancies still exist this entry will re-appear the following day.

To display the discrepancies list click the tick box on the message and the following panel will appear.

You can then go through the list and check each problem and adjust either calendar as required.

2) Multiple Text For Cancellations. 

When a booking is cancelled the user has the option of generating an email to the original booking email address confirming the cancellation.

Previously there was 1 single email text. This change implements the ability to create a different email text for each cancellation type as defined in the system parameter file, parameter type CR. If no text is found then the default cancellation email text is used.

For example: If you have a cancellation defined as "CR02: No Deposit" you can then create an email text file with the suffix 02 and this will be used each time a booking/reservation is cancelled with this cancellation type.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bug Fix - Booking Amendment

If a booking is amended that currently has an entry in the todo list for "Write an entry in the paper diary", previously an additional entry was added to amend the paper diary.

This is nonsense and has been fixed so that just the original "Write an entry..." will be left.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Billing By Room

Previously, GG bills where priced using the "per person per night" room rate, however this is old fashioned and most businesses charge by the room.

GG now produces bills charging by the room as shown below.

It is still possible to process single occupancies, this can be done in one of two ways:-

  1. Go onto the guest booking screen then click "Adjust rate/occ." button and then amend the room price as appropriate. 
  2. Leave the standard room rate in place and apply a single occupancy discount by clicking the "additional charges" button and creating a negative single occupancy charge. 
Where a extra person is in a room this is processed the same as No.2 above only a positive charge is applied. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Automatic Calendar Synchromization With ICA Compatible Systems

Guest Guardian now has an ICA calendar export system, to enable availability to be automatically synchronised with ICA Calendar compatibly booking systems, such as Airbnb.

The interface allows external booking systems to simply pull down the current availability whenever required.

For Airbnb this is set up by simply defining the Interface for each room/listing. Airbnb will then automatically update it's calendars every 6 hours.

Each time a sync call is made by the external system it will be recorded in the audit trail. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bug fixes: Price reset and Multiple Amendments

Price Reset

This bug has been found when cancelling a booking.

The problem occurs when a booking is created and the occupancy rate on the rooms or the price Is amended. Previously if this booking was cancelled the room rates shown in the calendar and on any subsequent bookings where incorrect.

This bug has now been fixed. Jt does mean when a booking like this has been cancelled it is not possible to reinstate the booking by completing the deposit payment. The booking has to be re-entered.

Multiple Amendments

When a booking is amended an item is added to the "Requiring Your Attention" queue to remind that the booking amendment needs to be applied to the businesses paper diary.

Previously if a booking was amended multiple times, multiple reminders would be added to the queue.

Now if a reminder is already sitting in the queue additional reminders are not added.