Thursday, 23 June 2011

Allow Final Balances to be paid via PayPal

A new GuestGuard feature has been implemented to allow guests to pay their final bill using credit/debit cards via PayPal.

There are two ways to access the screen:-

1) On the "Show Guest Details" screen in the booking box there is a "Pay Balance" button, next to the Total Outstanding.

"Pay Balance" now appears next to the outstanding balance.

2) Via a direct link using the roomcode= parameter, as below
The roomcode parameter allow a B&B to set up links on their own PC (for example in Bookmarks) so that guest bills can be accessed directly without the need for logging on to GuestGuard.

When the roomcode parameter is used the bill of the person currently occupying that room will be displayed. A person is considered to occupy a room from 1pm on arrival day to 1pm on departure day, this allows this link to be used during the morning of departure.

The Balance Payment screen is shown below, the top of the screen is displayed as per set parameters, the same as the deposit payment screens.

Roomcodes for your business can be found under controls>>>Update rooms

All PayPal outstanding balances paid using this method will automatically be deducted from the guest bill once payment completion notification is sent from PayPal and a notification of this payment will appear in the "Items Requiring Attention" box of the Today screen. PayPal fees for the transaction will be recorded and both the amount and the fees will appear on the control>>reports>>Income Report

The "Check-out" process will still need to be completed, although the amount will be zero.

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