Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Delay Items "Requiring Your Attention"

Sometimes items that appear on the "Requiring Your Attention" list of the "Today" page cannot be actioned immediately but the fact that they still keep appearing on the list can be a nuisance.

For Example: A guest is planning a holiday and asks you to hold a room for them for three days so they can finalise their plans after which they will pay their deposit. By entering the booking into GuestGuard the appropriate days/rooms are shown as "pending" in the online calendar stopping other bookings.  However the "Awaiting Deposit Payment" reminder constantly appears in the "Requiring Your Attention". 

The new "Delay" facility, accessed by clicking the small clock icon in the delay column allows the Action Date of that particular item to be set to some date in the future.

The effect is the reminder will disappear from the list until the new action date is reached.

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