Monday, 27 June 2011

Entering Bookings Manually Is Now Even Faster

A new Icon has been added to the "accepted booking" screen to allow a jump straight to the deposit payment screen, and from deposit payment through to "Send Confirmation".

This makes it even easier for the business owner to enter a booking taken over the phone or by email as it saves keep going back to the guest details screen for the next function.

The simpler  screen flow is now this:

Enter the booking details as before:--

When the "accepted Booking" page is shown click the new "Deposit Paid" icon:--

You can then add the deposit details as before:----

but on the deposit paid screen there is now a "Send Confirmation" icon:

This takes you through to the send confirmation process.

Send the confirmation as before.

And there it is all done. Much quicker and simpler than before.

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