Monday, 6 June 2011

GuestGuard - Looking after the admin while you look after the guests

Welcome To the GuestGuard Blog.

GuestGuard is the product of a 2 year development project to design and build the best guest management system for B&Bs, Guest Houses and small hotels. The problem with many guest management systems is that they are developed by IT people with no tourism industry experience and aimed at large hotels for maximum financial return.

GuestGuard is different because it was developed by someone with 20 years experience in commercial IT working for some of the biggest companies in the UK, IBM, Cap Gemini, Tesco, but who has run one of the top B&Bs in the Highlands Of Scotland for the past 7 years, Pottery House Loch Ness.  

With many guest management systems the user knows the tasks they need to perform each day and then have to find their way round the system screens to accomplish this. GuestGuard was designed from the outset using the "Work Flow" principle, put simply the system keeps track of all the tasks that need doing each day and has one simple front page which lists all these tasks with easy access to the relevant screens.

GuestGuard allows the small business to:

  • Accept online bookings including deposit payments through an existing website
  • One click processing for all day to day tasks
  • Produce professional looking bills for guest check-out
  • Easily keep track of all income with monthly reports for audit/accounting
  • Audit trail of all activities and 3 level security with multiple user ids

Keep up to date with current changes on GuestGuard here,

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