Monday, 8 August 2011

Cut/Paste Option For Guest Details

Sometimes a previous guest will telephone and wants to make a new booking, or someone who is currently staying wants to book a room for a return visit. A new "Paste" option has been created to easily copy guest details to the new booking.

To use this facility first you need to display an existing booking, GuestGuardian will remember the last guest booking you looked at. From here click the "New Booking" option and select the date/room as usual.

When you get to the guest details screen, click the new "Paste" button, as shown below.

The guest name, telephone number and email address will be automatically completed for you, from the previous booking.

You can then complete the booking as normal.

The final guest booking will also have the secondary email address and postal address completed from the original booking if they are available.

Making it much simpler to create new bookings for previous guests.

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