Monday, 12 September 2011

Refunds Issued in PayPal Now Automatically Processed

Guest Guardian will now be notified by PayPal should a refund be issued for a guest payment. The refund will be shown on the Guest Details page in the "Booking" section, as shown below.

Refund Shown in the Booking section of the Guest details page.

It will also appear in the Audit section of the booking.

However Guest Guardian will not change the status of the booking, that must be done manually, for example if the booking is being cancelled. GG records the refund to ensure that account statistics are correct.

An entry will appear in the "Requiring Your Attention" section of the "TODAY" screen indicating that a refund has been sent and that the status of the booking should be checked.

The process for cancelling a booking and refunding a deposit is therefore.

1) Log onto PayPal, find the relevant deposit payment and issue the refund.

2) Log onto GG and cancel the booking.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Extra Checking On AutoConfirmation

Previously when a deposit notification was received from PayPal, if the AutoConfirm flag was anything but NO the confirmation email was sent to the guest.

This processing has been changed so that if the party size does not match the occupancy levels of the rooms booked autoconfirmation will be stopped and a message added to the "Requiring Your Attention" list on the "Today" screen.

For example if 1 person books a double or twin room. Or a family of 3 (two adults and 1 child) books a double or twin. The purpose of this change is to allow the business owner to check the booking and add extra charges if necessary (such as single occupancy surcharge) before the confirmation email is sent.

If autoConfirmation is OFF then the message shown below for "Amy Pond" will be displayed.

If AutoConfirmation is ON then the Paulo West message is displayed.

In the audit trail for the guest a message is logged showing the exact reason that the confirmation was stopped.