Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Version 1.2 Of Guest Guardian is released

GuestGuardian has been upgraded to version 1.2.

This version has the following changes:


No Deposits:

It is now possible to use GG as an online booking system without taking deposits. GG will accept bookings and mark them as "Confirmed", but the guest confirmation will not be sent even if Autoconfirmation is set on. The business needs to manually send confirmation.

To switch off deposits, in the Params set the deposit control parameter DEPO to NO


Special Events: 

It is now possible to mark days in the calendar as special events. The particular days will appear in the required colour along the top of the calendar. Bookings will not be affected, nor will pricing. Up to 99 events can be created.

To set a sepcial event create an EVnn parameter in the format:-

EVnn 2011-10-30 2011-10-31 339933 Halloween
          startdate     enddate     colour   Title

The above entry would look like this:-


Availability Calendar Colours

It is now possible to set the colours used in the availability calendar to whatever you like. This is only for bookings through the website interface, not business entered bookings through GG. This helps make the bookings screens look more like the business website. 

Define the colours using the CACO parameter as:

CACO D1E3F8 800000
             available booked
The available colour is also the background colour. 

Occupancy Checks

It is possible for someone to enter a booking where the size of party on the booking details does not match the size/occupancy rate of the room or rooms booked. 

GG will now display a message on the "Requiring Your Attention" list when this happens and it will stay there until the confirmation has been sent. 

If Autoconfirmation is switched ON this will be overriden and the confirmation will need to be sent manualy. 

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