Thursday, 29 December 2011

Automatic ReConfirmation Now Available

Do you have guests arrive too early because they forgot the check-in time in the original confirmation or maybe people telephone or email you to re-confirm their booking because they booked months in advance.

Guest Guardian has a new feature of "re-confirmation" to help you manage them. It works like this:-

You can now add a parameter to the system called "RECO", short for re-confirmation and it looks like this:-

RECO 30 days 7 days

30 days refers to how far in advance the arrival day is for reconfirmation, so with the above anyone who books a room with an arrival date of more than 30 days away will get a reconfirmation nearer the time.

The "7 days" refers to how many days before the arrival date the re-confirmation email is sent. For example:-

Suppose a booking is made today for a 3 night stay from 18th August. As 18th August is more than 30 days away this booking will be reconfirmed nearer the time. In fact the re-confirmation is sent 7 days before 18th August (i.e. 11th August).

All reconfirmations are sent manually and the text of the reconfirmation can be anything a business requires. On the day the email is to be sent (eg. 11th August in the example above) a reminder will appear on the "Requiring Your Attention" list of the Guest Guardian Today page as shown.

Note1: Reconfirmation reminders are only created at Booking Confirmation time, so if RECO is added to the system parameters any bookings from that day onwards will be processed by "Reconfirmations", however any bookings already in the system as confirmed will not receive reconfirmation reminders.

Note2: Reconfirmation can be switched off by deleting the RECO prameter or setting to "NO". Any bookings already in the system and confirmed will still have reconfirmation reminders appear on the appropriate day.

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