Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rate The Guests: Phase 1

"Rate The Guests" is a new feature that will allow a score and comments to be put against guests when they are checked out. In the future during the booking process, GG will check to see if the guest has a previous rating and could be used to stop bookings.  It can also be used during mailshots so that problem guests are not contacted. This will be phase 2 to be implemented at a future date. 

Phase 1: Start Recording Ratings

Phase 1 of this project is to introduce the data capture function. This is a simple change to the check out, canel and show booking screens.

On the "check out" screen the old "christmas card" flag has been replaces with a guest rating and comment field.

The rating can be 1 - 5 (5 is excellent, 1 is Terrible)
An optional comment of up to 100 characters can be stored, explaining the rating.

So you could enter:

5 - Excellent
Pam and Jeff from Norwich, lovely people, said they would come back next year

1 - Terrible
Came back drunk and noisy, DNR

The checkout screen now looks like this:

It is also possible to add guest ratings during the cancellation of a booking. Maybe a guest didn't show or cancelled a large booking with little notice. The rating can be used to warn if they try to re-book.

The new fields on the cancellation screen are shown:-

The rating fields are now displayed on the main booking display screen, as shown below. The rating will be given followed by any comments, if no rating has been given it will show "None Given".

Improved Security

Some time ago a feature was added to GG that allowed guests to view their booking online using a link supplied in their confirmation email.

For security reasons this feature has been updated so that bookings can only be viewed online for up to 7 days after the check-out date.

Before 7 day deadline clicking the link will look like this:-

Online Booking Displayed

After the 7 day deadline this is displayed on clicking the email link.

Bookings are online displayable for up to 7 days after check-out. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Review Requests Audit

At check-out time GG allows a future reminder to be set to send the guest an email requesting a review site posting.

An amendment has been applied today so that at check-out the fact that this reminder has been created is recorded in the audit trail, as shown.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blocked Days On Diary

If you block days in the diary they will now show as a different colour in GG, as shown:-

The colour used for blocked days is defined by the CACO parameter as below, the blocked colour shown above is B00000.

CACO D1E3F8 800000 B00000

If CACO does not have a 3rd parameter value they will appear in black. 

Blocked days in the diary are only shown in GG and not through the external interface to guests, here they will appear as booked. 

New Statistics On The Monthly Income Report

The monthly income report has been updated to include occupancy stats, as shown.

Available Occupancy is the total available beds in the month. So if you have 6 beds and 30 days in the month this figure will be 180.

Occupancy For Month is the total of person / nights in the month. So 2 people in a double room for 3 nights count as 6.

Occupancy For Month is simply the number of people / nights booked divided by the available occupancy shown as a percentage.

Blocked Occupancy  shows the number of bed / nights blocked from bookings. So if you have two doubles and 1 single room and you blocked 2 days in the month this number will show 10.

Occupancy Adjusted  shows the percentage occupancy level of non-blocked beds.
                                      occupancy for month / (available occupancy - blocked occupancy) * 100 


Friday, 18 May 2012

Guest Search: Fix Applied

When a search is performed for guests the status field on the results page appeared blank for guests who have either check-out  or if booking has been cancelled (old bookings).

This has now been fixed.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Check-In Alerts Now Available In Guest Guardian

A brand new feature has been added to Guest Guardian, called Check-In Alerts. It allows special request or additional information about the booking to be stored, which is displayed at check-in time.

For example, a guest may be vegetarian, they may request special non-allergenic bedding or maybe you booked a table for them at a local hostelry.

It works like this:

When you want to create a "check-in alert" click on the guest name and on the Guest Detail box of the Guest screen click the new "Check-In Alert" button, as shown below.

You will then see the "Check-In Alert" screen where you can add the text of your choice and press the "Create Alert" button.

When this guests arrival day approaches and their details appear on the "Today" screen you will see the check-in alert below their details, in green. It will appear in both the "Checking In today" and "Checking In Tomorrow" box so you will have at least 24 hours notice of any alerts you have created. 

A record of all check-in alerts is recorded in the system audit trail and can be seen in both the Audit Report function and the audit trail on the guest screen, shown below. 

Any one booking can have up to 10 alerts added.