Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Statistics On The Monthly Income Report

The monthly income report has been updated to include occupancy stats, as shown.

Available Occupancy is the total available beds in the month. So if you have 6 beds and 30 days in the month this figure will be 180.

Occupancy For Month is the total of person / nights in the month. So 2 people in a double room for 3 nights count as 6.

Occupancy For Month is simply the number of people / nights booked divided by the available occupancy shown as a percentage.

Blocked Occupancy  shows the number of bed / nights blocked from bookings. So if you have two doubles and 1 single room and you blocked 2 days in the month this number will show 10.

Occupancy Adjusted  shows the percentage occupancy level of non-blocked beds.
                                      occupancy for month / (available occupancy - blocked occupancy) * 100 


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