Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rate The Guests: Phase 1

"Rate The Guests" is a new feature that will allow a score and comments to be put against guests when they are checked out. In the future during the booking process, GG will check to see if the guest has a previous rating and could be used to stop bookings.  It can also be used during mailshots so that problem guests are not contacted. This will be phase 2 to be implemented at a future date. 

Phase 1: Start Recording Ratings

Phase 1 of this project is to introduce the data capture function. This is a simple change to the check out, canel and show booking screens.

On the "check out" screen the old "christmas card" flag has been replaces with a guest rating and comment field.

The rating can be 1 - 5 (5 is excellent, 1 is Terrible)
An optional comment of up to 100 characters can be stored, explaining the rating.

So you could enter:

5 - Excellent
Pam and Jeff from Norwich, lovely people, said they would come back next year

1 - Terrible
Came back drunk and noisy, DNR

The checkout screen now looks like this:

It is also possible to add guest ratings during the cancellation of a booking. Maybe a guest didn't show or cancelled a large booking with little notice. The rating can be used to warn if they try to re-book.

The new fields on the cancellation screen are shown:-

The rating fields are now displayed on the main booking display screen, as shown below. The rating will be given followed by any comments, if no rating has been given it will show "None Given".

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