Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bug Fixes and Amendments

The following changes have been applied to GuestGuardian

If a booking has been cancelled it is still possible for the visitor to complete the deposit payment, causing the booking to be re-instated, however the reminder to add the confirmed booking to the paper diary was not appearing on the to do list. This is fixed.

Once a guest had been checked out the "Refunds" button was not shown on the Guest Details screen, so in the case of an overpayment it was not possible to register the refund. This has been fixed, the "Additional Charges" button also now shows on checked out bookings.

When a visitor attempts to make a deposit payment on a booking that has been cancelled and some of the rooms/dates allocated to someone else a screen informing this is displayed, however the link on this screen sent the visitor to the business homepage, this has been changed to the business availability calendar.

All the GG screens contained a generic "title", which made it difficult to navigate around the system by holding down the "back" button on a browser so that all previous viewed pages are listed. This has been changed on all the key screens, all others will be done when possible. 

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