Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bug fixes: Price reset and Multiple Amendments

Price Reset

This bug has been found when cancelling a booking.

The problem occurs when a booking is created and the occupancy rate on the rooms or the price Is amended. Previously if this booking was cancelled the room rates shown in the calendar and on any subsequent bookings where incorrect.

This bug has now been fixed. Jt does mean when a booking like this has been cancelled it is not possible to reinstate the booking by completing the deposit payment. The booking has to be re-entered.

Multiple Amendments

When a booking is amended an item is added to the "Requiring Your Attention" queue to remind that the booking amendment needs to be applied to the businesses paper diary.

Previously if a booking was amended multiple times, multiple reminders would be added to the queue.

Now if a reminder is already sitting in the queue additional reminders are not added. 

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