Wednesday, 4 May 2016

2 Major Enhancements

2 Major enhancements have been implemented into Guest Guardian, as follows.

1) External ICA Booking Engine Checker

Having multiple booking systems leaves businesses open to the danger of double booking. To help prevent this GG now has an ICA calendar checker which works like this.

Once a day GG will pull in ICA calendars from a specified booking engine and run a comparison of blocked rooms against its own diary. If a discrepancy is found a message will appear on the Todo List as shown. To ignore the discrepancies click "(REMINDER)" to remove the entry from the Todo List, if discrepancies still exist this entry will re-appear the following day.

To display the discrepancies list click the tick box on the message and the following panel will appear.

You can then go through the list and check each problem and adjust either calendar as required.

2) Multiple Text For Cancellations. 

When a booking is cancelled the user has the option of generating an email to the original booking email address confirming the cancellation.

Previously there was 1 single email text. This change implements the ability to create a different email text for each cancellation type as defined in the system parameter file, parameter type CR. If no text is found then the default cancellation email text is used.

For example: If you have a cancellation defined as "CR02: No Deposit" you can then create an email text file with the suffix 02 and this will be used each time a booking/reservation is cancelled with this cancellation type.


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